Facebook offers a great, low cost marketing opportunity for small businesses. Facebook now has over 800 million users, and while that seems like an crazy number for small businesses to be targeting, Facebook offers a very powerful platform on which to build a presence. If you’re not already active on Facebook; you should get started right away. That’s right now, go get your business page Today…

Once you’ve signed up, you should also consider securing your company’s username.  Now in the beginning of your Facebook Marketing efforts, you might just start selling your services and products. This where many businesses fail and you end up pissing of your friends, family and customers. You should not be actively selling on Facebook, you should be building a brand and relationships. 

Every now and then, by all means, promote yourself, business, products, but keep in mind that people get bombarded with advertising and marketing pitches all day long. The last thing they want to hear is about what you have on sale.

Just interact with everyone. Share tips and techniques that has to do with your business. Share pictures or videos, etc. Stay social and you will be top of mind when your friends and fans need your product or service.