Buying domain names for your business

domain names


If you are a business owner, then you should know that you need a web presence to succeed in today’s business world. Every business needs a website, mobile site and a social media presence.

If you are just starting out and getting ready to build your first website, you need to get your business domain name. There are many domain name registrars out there in web world, it does not matter what one you use, but I prefer

After you have registered your business domain name, start thinking about what business/niche you are really in. I always suggest that business owners get at least Two domain names. One is their business name and two is there exact match Geo targeted domain name. What I mean by that is, if you are a plumber, you buy a domain with plumber or plumbing with the town or county that you plan to do business in.



Always go for the .com and try to really nail down your niche. I still believe that exact match keyword domain names work. More people search for what they need by typing their keyword into the url bar and adding .com. When that person does, and you own that name, you just got a highly qualified lead for the price of a domain name. In the beginning, I suggest that you use your geo exact match domain for the main website and re-direct your business name to the website.

After a while, look for more domain names that match your business and make them into separate websites with that keyword as the main theme of the site. The more sites you have the more exposure you will get.